Calling in Threats

by Panic Bomber

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released December 20, 2008

All content by Richard Haig


all rights reserved



Panic Bomber Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Miami Stunnaz
Faster motors
And more to spend
We need these in order to reach the end

Weekend Drivers
And weakened friends
You know they won't help us so don't pretend

It is the future
We aim to conquor
Don't attempt to stop it: we'll only grow stronger

With just a pick-axe
And a shovel
We'll tell you when it's time to move a muscle

When times are brazen
And food is scarce
You will be of use diverting bears

Your art is morbid
So are your thoughts
You shall regret it when you're sold in lots

We are the future
Your future leaders
Not to be dimissed; efficient breeders

With great bravado
And piercing gaze
We shall prove for once and all we do amaze

We are the earth shakers
We are the spine breakers
You will regret it should you mistake us for being fakers

We mastered pushing faders
When you were in your trainers
We'll run a coup d'etat upon you music draft evaders

We're not the drug smugglers
We're not the mob runners
We are the fabulous, the stylish Miami Stunnaz

We are machine gunners
We make fantastic lovers
We are show-stoppingly beautiful Miami Stunnaz
Track Name: Sweating Tiny Buckets
Sweating Tiny Buckets

You've got me sweating tiny buckets of fret
Gives me the shivers of a Vietnam vet
When you take solos in your chamber quartet
All my troubles seem like silly regrets

Make it last 'till dawn
Sweating Tiny Buckets
Be my Miss Saigon
Sweating Tiny Buckets

You've got me sweating tiny buckets in sheets
Be careful when you touch me, heat begets heat
You fill in my blanks, make my crossword complete
Combinatorically we can be discrete
Track Name: Until Our Legs Break
Coffee pots
Switched-on Bach
A glass of wine
Open books and mind
How does one pass the days?

Ugly girls
Lying boys
Fueled by booze
Think they cannot lose
Their weary gaze if out of place

Ages creep
Buildings creak
Youth has left
Wrinkles deaden it
Wasting love in this cheap club

We're going to dance until our legs break off
And then we'll shake on the floor
The kick drum's still banging on all of the fours
And our livers aren't quite sore

Until our legs break

No one will
Hear these words
Can't understand
From the vocoding
What's the point anyway?

Take your number
Sleep alone
Wait for sun
Do it more for fun
This is how we survive

Simmer Simmer
Little girl
That's enough
Out of you tonight
Take you home, treat you right

Look out son
Your time has come
Wear that cap
On your jimmy tight
This one can't dance
To your advance
Track Name: Smooth Sailor
I've been watching you from outside of your house
At six you change to halter top from blouse
The things with pain I'm gonna do to you arouse
I'll wait for a good time until I pounce

You've seen me around the town and you know my name
You say "hi," and smile but tease, it's such a shame
You should have known to fall in love with me and feel the same
You've ruined it and got yourself to blame

Smooth Sailor, got my back to the wind
Yes I'm a smooth sailor, oh my wings have been pinned
Yes I'm a smooth sailor, what I want I will win
Yes I'm a smooth sailor, I'm a smooth sailor

I hope the chains aren't too tight or or throat too parched
Mind the rusted nails sticking out of the arch
Worries aside, I saw you get your tetnis shot last march

You needn't be concerned of waking neighbors screaming that way
We're so far underground it's practically Bombay
Besides, it's been a while, you didn't make the news today
Track Name: Disillusionment
The ocean's always rising
It's not even worth fighting
I'm moving to horizons far across the unknown distant shore

I'm not going to stop looking
'Till I'm on my own perching
Where I can make a nest I'm proud to call my one and only home

It's not a simple matter
The needing to have glamour
While re-evaluating choices choices choices choices

Uprooting toxic matter
Forcing a change of patter
Can't always cure the disillusionment of solitary cheer

Eyes shut tight
Lonely nights
Getting in Fights
The disillusionment of solitary cheer

Stay inside
Work for pride
No one to confide
The disillusionment of solitary cheer
Track Name: Upsies Downsies
Pick up
Take out
Back to the beginning
Pig in
Freak out
This isn't really happening

Losing our control over reality

Feeling it in your spleen

Kick it
Push it
Scrape it
Hit it
Bite it
Punch it
Loath it
Fight it
Pull it
Stomp it

Or we could

Love it
Hug it
Lick it
Kiss it
Touch it
Make it
Bring it
Soothe it
Smooth it
Smooch it

Or we could

Fix it
Ride it
Learn it
Shake it
Build it
Crop it
Trash it
Take it
Fuck it
Fuck it
Fuck it

All we humans do is ride the upsies downsies waves

What do you want to see?
How much will you believe?
Suspend your disbelief
There's a truth amongst the trees
Feel my fingers down your neck
My digits sticking to your sweat
This is not the only oneness
There are others coming yet

Time will toss us all into obscurity

Upsies downsies
Interpret it as purity

I love you
Or at least I think I could
It's been so long since I met someone I could
There's a place
Somewhere that cannot be seen
It ebbs and flows, sticks to the walls in between

Fear washes over us like snow
The mind killer steps to blow
But when the dust settles will we have stood our ground
Or have scuttled down below?
You touch my head and calm me down
The ground opens wide and round
And if we both fall in
There'll be no more gloating of losses or of wins